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The more you are spontaneous, the more you feel a new discipline arising in you — moment-to-moment discipline. It is a very different dimension, so it will be better to understand it clearly. When you decide beforehand what to do, you do not think you are conscious enough to act in the moment — spontaneously. You are not self-confident. That is why you decide beforehand.

And still you are deciding. You cannot act in the moment, so how can you decide beforehand? On the contrary, you will be more experienced when the moment comes. Now you are less experienced. If I decide today for tomorrow, I will be richer; and if I cannot believe in the “me” of tomorrow, how can I believe in the “me” of today? When I have to decide it beforehand, it carries no meaning. It will only be destructive.

I decide today and I act tomorrow. All has changed. Everything is new and the decision is old. I am new, the moment is new, and the decision is old. And if I do not act accordingly, there is guilt. So all those who teach deciding beforehand, they create guilt. I do not act, then I feel guilty. And if I act, then I cannot act adequately and frustration is bound to follow.

So when I say you have not to commit yourself to any decision, you will be free. Let each act, each moment, come to you, and let your total being decide. In that moment, let the decision come as the act happens. Never let it precede. Otherwise the act can never be total. One should know that when you decide beforehand you decide intellectually. Your total being can never be in it because the moment has not come.  

If I love someone and I decide that when I meet him or her I will act this way, I will say this thing, I will do this and will not do that, this can only be intellectual — mental. This can never be total because the moment has not arrived. The total being has not been challenged. So how can the total being act?

And when I have decided beforehand and the moment comes, the total being will not be able to act because the decision will be there. So I will only imitate, follow, copy, the preceding. I will be the false man. I will not be real because I will not be total. I will have a blueprint to act; I will act according to it. Again this will be a mental act, not with your total being. So either you succeed or you fail, still in both cases you have failed because the total being could not be in it. You will not feel love.

So let the moment come. Let the moment challenge you, and let your total being act. Then the act is total. Then your total being comes to act. Then you are totally in it! And the best that is possible will come out of this “totalness” and never out of the decisions.

Osho – I Am The Gate (Spontaneous)