-Where are you Dan?


-What time is it?


-What are you?

-This moment.

El Kybalion

THE ALL becomes “involved”, or “wrapped up” in its creation. This process is believed by the Hermetists to have a Correspondence to the mental process of an artist, writer, or inventor, who becomes so wrapped up in his mental creation as almost forget his own existence and who, for the time being, almost “lives in his creation”.

This Involuntary stage of Creation is sometimes called the “Outpouring” of the Divine Energy, just as the Evolutionary state is called the “Indrawing”. The extreme pole of the Creative process is considered to be the furthest removed from THE ALL, while the beginning of the Evolutionary stage is regarded as the beginning of the return swing of the pendulum of Rhythm – a “coming home” idea being held in all of the Hermetic Teachings.

The Teachings are that during the “Outpouring” the vibrations become lower and lower until finally the urge ceases, and the return swing begins. But there is this difference, that while in the “Outpouring” the creative forces manifest compactly and as a whole, yet form the beginning of the Evolutionary or “Indrawing” stage, there is manifested the Law of Individualization – that is, the tendency to separate into Units of Force, so that finally that witch left THE ALL as unindividualized energy returns to its source as countless highly developed Units of Life, having risen higher and higher in the scale by means of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Evolution.

The entire creation, including Involution and Evolution, of an Universe, is but “as the twinkle of the eye” to THE ALL. At the end of countless cycles of aeons of time, THE ALL withdraws its Attention – its Contemplation and Meditation of the Universe, for the Great Work is finished – and All is withdrawn into THE ALL from witch it emerged, But mystery of mysteries – the Spirit of each soul is not annihilated, but is infinitely expanded – the Created and the Creator are merged.

The Kybalion

The “I” represents the Aspect of Being; the “Me” represents the Aspect of Becoming.

While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All.

The advanced Hermetist polarizes himself at the Positive Pole of his Being – the “I Am”  pole rather than the pole of personality, and by “refusing” and “denying” the operation of Rhythm, raises himself above its plans of consciousness, and standing firm in his Statement of Being he allows the pendulum to swing back on the Lower Plane without changing his Polarity. This is accomplished by all individuals who have attained any degree of self-mastery, whether they understand the law or not. Such persons simply “refuse” to allow themselves to be swung back by the pendulum of mood and emotion, and by steadfastly affirming the superiority, they remain polarized on the Positive pole.

The Principle of Rhythm – The Kybalion

The Infinite Mind of THE ALL is the womb of Universes.

The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.

The wise ones serve on the higher, but rule on the lower. They obey the laws coming from above them, but on their own plane, and those below them, they rule and give orders. And, yet, in so doing, they form a part of the Principle, instead of opposing it. The wise man falls in with the Law, and by understanding its movements he operates it instead of being its blind slave.

Use the Principle of Cause and Effect, instead of being used by it.

Cause and Effect – The Kybalion

What is needed is not something in which you can forget your loneliness; what is needed is that you become aware of your aloneness – which is a reality. And it is so beautiful to experience it, to feel it, because it is your freedom from the crowd, from the other. It is your freedom from the fear of being lonely.

Listen to your being, to your nature. That is your destiny; nothing else is important. Accept yourself in totality.