Look inside yourself


The most enduring power happens from within. Life happens from within. How aware you are of it, decides the quality of your body, your mind, and your experience of life. – Sadhguru

This Moment is your true face


Be as you are in whatever circumstances, just always Be. It doesn’t need any practice. Whatever you get by practice you will lose, but Being will never be lost because you will not get it by any experience or practice. It simply is, Simply Be.
Don’t stir your mind in Being, don’t think and don’t make effort. I will tell you how to be Being itself. No effort, no thinking. Avoid thinking and avoid not thinking. What is between these two? – Papaji

The Now is the primary focus of who you are


At every moment, we are in fact a different image. A different entity when mirroring, when hungry, when reading this. Every second we become different persons as we go through different states. All this complex and almost schizophrenic subconscious behaviour is the result of a vastly parallel distributed system in our brain.
There is no specific center of consciousness, the appearance of a unity is, in fact, each of these separate circuits enabled and being expressed at one particular moment in time. – Joseph E LeDoux