I don’t have any choice any more. I am in a choiceless awareness. I don’t have to be aware. I am simply aware. Now it is just like my heartbeat or like my breathing. Even if I try not to be aware, it is not possible; the very effort will make me more aware. Awareness is not a quality, a characteristic; it is your whole being. When you become aware, there is no choice left to be otherwise.


Find out the total secret of your being, because in finding the whole secret of your being you will find the whole secret of Universe.


It is only when we understand the truth of daily existence that we can go far. You must begin near to go far but most of us want to jump, to begin far without understanding what is close. As we understand the near, we shall find the distance between the near and the far is not. There is no distance – the beginning and the end are one.

Disturbance is essential for understanding and any attempt to find security is a hindrance to understanding. When we want to get rid of something which is disturbing, it is surely a hindrance. If we can experience a feeling directly, without naming it, I think we shall find a great deal in it; then there is no longer a battle with it, because the experiencer and the thing experienced are one, and that is essential. So long as the experiencer verbalizes the feeling, the experience, he separates himself from it and acts upon it; such action is an artificial, illusory action. But if there is no verbalization, then the experiencer and the thing experienced are one.

What brings about understanding is self-knowledge, and it is not very difficult to be aware if there is right intention. If you are interested to discover the whole process of yourself – not merely the superficial part but the total process of your whole being – then it is comparatively easy. If you really want to know yourself, you will search out your heart and your mind to know their full content and when there is the intention to know, you will know.

 Jiddu Krishnamurti – The First and Last Freedom

Who you are

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”.

Although life is always now, the greater part of most people’s attention is usually absorbed by past and future. When your attention becomes aligned with the present moment, however, you feel more alert, more alive, and you access an inner source of power. And so the quality of the Now (that is to say of your life) improves greatly. Compared to that source of power, past and future are indeed “tiny matters”.

At this moment, allow everything to be as it is. Then become aware that there is an awareness here, a consciousness, and that, that is more truly who you are than anything else!

Be well, be at peace, be here now.