Is there any real happening that is not experienced in the present moment?

Living in the present moment or “Now” doesn’t mean giving up the past or future at all, it simply means we should acknowledge them for what they are – thoughts being experienced in the mind in the present moment. Putting more energy into our thoughts about past or future than is necessary distracts us from experiencing what is real. Life manifests only in the present. Present moment is the only moment there ever is.

If even for a single moment you are not doing anything and you simply are, that’s what meditation is

Existence is that which happens, that which goes on happening.
Existence means that which goes on happening eternally. So anything that happens is Existence. You and everyone are happenings. This eternal happening is Existence.
There is no creator and no creation. Your birth is a happening, and your death will be a happening. Your being here is a happening. Your not being here will be a happening.